Monday, June 28, 2010

Bargain Shopper!

So I did a job with a friend of mine who is a caterer [the lovely lady who catered my wedding] this weekend and made a little extra spending money. Some of it is going to my new dressers fund.

I took a little and went shopping today and boy was it the day to shop.

Victoria Secret has been having one of their bra sales. I went on the first day and bought a bra for $24. But when I got home and tried it on again I felt like I had torpedo boobs. I ended up taking it back.

Today however I found 2! bras I liked and when I got to the register I realized they were both only $15 [marked down from $42!].

How cute is that little owl!?! Sorry for the excitement, cute bras in my size and few and far between.

Then I went over to Bath and Body Works [I was using the shopping bag I picked up from there a few weeks ago which got me 10% off anything I buy] and they had awesome sales going. Alot of their regular items were buy 2 get 2 free AND they were handing out coupons for $10 off $30.

I got ALL this [originally $97.50] for only $29.50!

I am super excited about the massage oils. They smell soooo nice.

Finally I went into New York and Co and found some jewelry on clearance. Both this bracelet set and the earrings were $2.

So now for the breakdown.

Original Total = $205

Total Spent = $64

Total Saved =

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two AMAZING Giveaways.

I am not even close to having a blog big enough to warrant a giveaway but some of my favorites definitely are.

Right now there are two super awesome giveaways I want to share.
The first is from Bobbypins Boardwalk and is for a $60 gift certificate from CSN

This place is jam packed full of awesome home decor items and with $60 you are sure to find something lovely to buy.

The second giveaway is from Thrifty Decor Chick for a Silhouette Craft Cutter!!

I have wanted a craft cutter for ever! I worked for a custom shop and they had a professional cutter that left me itching for my own.
The Silhouette brand cutter is my favorite because it connects to your computer where you can easily create your own designs as opposed to working off expensive predesigned cartridges.

Good luck and happy blogging!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Wish I Was A Farmer

But since I am not, I have to shop at the farmers market.
James and I went this weekend and we got lots of goodies.
Fresh peaches and cherries. Amazing super sharp herby chedder and crusty whole wheat bread. Also some pumpkin bread and cranberry granola. And finally a little basil plant.
I love fresh basil in the summer time. It is amazing in drinks [which I will be posting about very soon] and salads. It is sweet and fresh and lovely.

This is my little farmers market breakfast

Unfortunately the ONE thing I really wanted to find there was no where to be seen.
Some good local honey. I have been out of honey for months because I an not willing to buy the crappy stuff in the little bear.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today I Made...

A retro inspired floor fan.

My husband and I can't sleep without white noise in our old apartment there was no central AC so we had a window unit that was wonderful for the background hum.
When we moved he had to switch it up.

As we were moving out of that apartment a neighbor was doing the same and he had a pile of things next to the trash that he told us we were welcome to. Among the mess was a desk chair and a floor fan. They were in rough shape but we took them cause you know, free is free.

The fan does wonders for our sleep but it is so hideous.
I kept thinking I would buy one of these lovelies to set on one of our dressers.

But I am so very cheap so I thought I would spend a few bucks on some spray paint and call it a day.

So here is it before.

Those gross splotches on the base are some sort of polyurethane or something. They DO NOT CLEAN OFF.

Here is a little progress pic.

And the finished project! I am super happy with it.

I used this, I liked it alot.

The texture covered the weird junk on the base perfectly.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today I Made...

A little pretty for a hot summer.

My studio is still completely packed and so I scrounged around for scraps and made this little yoke style necklace.

This necklace happens to be in the color scheme of my new bedroom. I guess it is on my brain.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The BIG Day!

It was wonderful. Not stressful, not hectic, just more fun, friends, family and food than one day should be allowed to contain.

Here are some great shots from the day. My sister in laws brother did the photography and I have 457 AMAZING shots to pick from.

It rained a little right before things started. Then it was blistering. But we were equipped with sunscreen and a pool so all went well.