Thursday, March 27, 2008

68...9...70 degrees

So after all my ranting yesterday I finally went out and my mood was melted by the warm weather.
So much in fact that half way to the street I decided to go back in and trade boots for sweet ballet flats, and my dark jacket for a borrowed button down from James side of the closet. I felt much better.

I made a trip to the thrift store to ever more lighten my mood. I got two dresses to recon for spring. One is actually a vintage house coat. It is green and plaid and almost like the dress below I want.

I also picked up some super cute nick nacks. I am a bit of a nick nack fiend. I love pretty things.

I will have pictures up soon. I am too tired to do them before bed this evening.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thems fightin' words.

Do you ever just wake up angry? Not angry, perhaps agitated? You want to do something like break a piggy bank or have a pillow fight, but a little more viciously than would be expected.

The feeling can probably be chalked up to hormones or a bad nights sleep.
I suppose it isn't just me, and I also assume that I am not the only one that also lets my feelings dictate my daily outfits.

Today I feel like ratting my hair and wearing monster eye liner a la Winehouse.

I wish I still had my shit kicking combat boots I wore to death as a teenager.

If I weren't still in my pajamas looking forward to a day of laundry and vacumming this is what I would be sporting, while I wonder downtown looking to get into a fight.

Trench from Luv Charlie
Dress and stockings from American Apparel
Boots from Hot Topic


Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is almost arrived.

I went to visit family for Easter and everything was in bloom! There were trees bursting the sweetest pink and white blossoms and daffodils and violets were all over lawns.
Unfortunately this valley is behind in the seasons, which means a few more weeks of brown.

In the mean time I am lusting over pretty spring dresses. I have gotten to be even more of a dress person lately. Although skirts have always been my preference.

Here are just a few I want terribly.


Isaac Mizrahi Floral Wrap Dress

BCBG Max Azaria Strapless Dress

Rachel Pally Sleeveless Dress

Chaundry Floral Print Cotton Dress


Isaac Mizhrahi Taffeta Dress

Green Plaid Shirt Dress

JS Boutique Jersey Dress

Rachel Pally Jersey Dress

Linen Split Neck Dress

Soft ruffles

Jovovich-Hawk wrap dress

Helena Eyelet Dress

Ruffle Elbow Sleeve Dress

Vivienne Tam White Ruffle Dress

Bib Yoke Shift Dress

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have been waiting for this my whole life. Pt 2

So the lovely author of Ma Petite Chou asked me about how the lip stains looked on. In regards to the gloss or shine.
This got me to thinking that most people might not know what they look like on. There are always the stock photos from the Revlon website, but who can really trust that.

So here are the four colors on my mouth.

Clockwise from top left:
Blood Orange
Cherry Tart
Plum Wicked
Berry Juice

All are topped with Blistex Medicated Balm

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have been waiting for this my whole life.

As a little girl I used to make my own cosmetics. I would crush chalk for eye shadow, shave colored pencils for blush, and use anything from food coloring and Vaseline to smashed up cherries for my lips.

As I have gotten older my tastes have changed slightly. But one thing I have never gotten used to is lipstick and lip gloss[that vile liquid of Satan].

It always makes me feel as though I am painting my face, literally. I often end up with half my hair permanently attached to my sticky lips. I smudge it across my face or it somehow gets on my own collar. So I stick to lip balm [and usually in the very utilitarian and unflavored verities] and if I am feeling adventurous I put on some Milani gloss in Secret[because a nude shade can not discolor any part of my face in close proximity to my mouth].

Well this brings me to the most amazing thing to hit drug stores and beauty counters since high pigment eye shadow and solid cake liners.

Lip stain. I am not the first to tout its wonders. However, after only a few days as a user, I dare say I am one of its biggest fans.

I purchased the new Revlon stain in Berry Juicy and Cherry Tart. I am so tempted to go back today and get the plum and orange hues.

When I first rolled it one [some have said they were uncomfortable with the roller ball but I love it] the first thing that struck me was the flavor. It didn't taste as if it were "flavored" but rather as if it was simply made of berries. Imagine my delight when I read the ingredients and found that is was in fact made of berries.

It slipped on really well and with a few rubs of my lips against each other it was complete. It does not leave a strange residue like a lipstick or gloss does. So I am free to use my Blistex as I see fit.
I dont feel as if I am wearing color, but I am. This for me is one of the most wonderful things ever.

Today I Made...

mmmmmmm Cake.

I have never been much of a cake lover.
It always tastes dry and too heavy. Icing makes me want to gag. And no matter what flavor of cake you make, it all just taste like.... cake.

Well I have made up my own little recipe for a cake that I actually adore. Its a bit of a cheat, but I still like it.

I buy a box of white cake mix. Any brand or type works. I make it as the box says, but I exchange the oil for applesauce [this was originally a trick to cut down fat but it makes the cake alot more moist] and I add almond extract and natural vanilla to the batter. I usually add a little more almond than vanilla.

I bake the cakes as directed and make sure not to over cook them.

While I am preparing and baking the cakes I put a bag of frozen strawberries in a bowl with about a half a cup of amaretto and let it thaw. The brand you use is really dependent on what your personal preference is.

When the cakes are done I let them chill and then slice the rounded tops. This is for two reasons. One a cake stacks better when it is sliced, and the filling absorbs better on an open surface.

When the filling is thawed I spoon the liquid on both cakes and let it seep in. Then I scoop the strawberries on the bottom cake and add a layer of fresh sliced berries as well.

The last thing to do is make the whipped creme. It is one small carton of heavy cream with vanilla, almond and sugar to taste. I ice the cake with the whip creme and then add sliced berries to the top.

Here is the final product.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I wanna live off the grid...

One of the many reasons I hope to have a solar house one day is to avoid the "scheduled" outages power companies love to pull.

We have no power for ten hours today. TEN HOURS!
Its horrendous.

I am not a fan of my power company. It is mainly coal run, and I often mourn the loss of beautiful West Virginia mountain tops each time I microwave some oatmeal or wash my clothes on warm.

I know I cant change the minds of everyone about power and conservation. Humanity likes to put things off until they are slapped in the face with it, and I am not really condemning that. It is simply how people work. We are born procrastinators.

One day we will have some alternate way of transportation, simply because our old ways will no longer be available.
One day EVERYONE will acknowledge global warming, only once Florida and a few lovely vacation spots are submerged.
But still, I am not preaching, I think thats how the world develops, if anything I think it is a bit silly to get so up in arms about those inevitable changes. Whether by human influence or simple geological evolution, things will change.

In the mean time. I want a house fully equipped with solar energy and solar-thermal temp control. I want to utilize old school home design, allowing natural breezes and shade to cool me in the summer.
I want to drive a high pressured air powered car [or whatever awesome development comes along]

I don't want to do these things so that I can save the planet, or make a statement. I want to do it so I won't ever worry about the "what ifs" that come with the changes our world might soon see.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I wasn't looking for it this time.

But while browsing through some web comics by Rachel Nabors, I stumbled upon this one called The Wind. Its still hard being reminded of that day. I made a great effort not to read any news articles about NIU. But I keep them in my prayers. I am sure they kept us in theirs.