Thems fightin' words.

Do you ever just wake up angry? Not angry, perhaps agitated? You want to do something like break a piggy bank or have a pillow fight, but a little more viciously than would be expected.

The feeling can probably be chalked up to hormones or a bad nights sleep.
I suppose it isn't just me, and I also assume that I am not the only one that also lets my feelings dictate my daily outfits.

Today I feel like ratting my hair and wearing monster eye liner a la Winehouse.

I wish I still had my shit kicking combat boots I wore to death as a teenager.

If I weren't still in my pajamas looking forward to a day of laundry and vacumming this is what I would be sporting, while I wonder downtown looking to get into a fight.

Trench from Luv Charlie
Dress and stockings from American Apparel
Boots from Hot Topic



I don't wake up angry, just sometimes very out of it (which is rare, I usually an very coherent once I awake). This post reminds me I need to get liquid eyeliner soon...
The dress in the picture is vintage--not a slip, but I'd wear a slip too! And the milk is behind the counter because it expired that day, how hilarious, no? It didn't smell yet though, thank goodness...

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