Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update a la Chaise + A Sweet Container

So after that silly post of longing I stumbled upon an awesome deal on craigslist!
Have I mentioned I love craigslist? No? Oh, well I love craigslist. Like more that I love my cat, and almost as much as I love my husband.
Although I love my husband A LOT right now because he drove all the way to DC [ok not that far but he HATES the city] to pick up the chaise of my dreams.

Before I show you the loveliness, I will show you what was in the space prior to Saturday.

That is on a good day. Most days the rigged cushion cover was falling off exposing the lovely mauve of the original upholstery.

So this is the new piece.

Don't mind the ugly "comes with it" pillow. I will recovering soon.

Isn't it lovely?
It caps out as the most expensive craiglist item I have purchased so far at $200. Although I think it was a steal considering the same item online is nearly $500 plus shipping.

Also I upgraded the Wiimote container. Open, sloppy, just reusing the an item I already had.

Now it is this.

Cute huh? I got it for $10 at Biglots. It is so much cleaner looking, I love it.

Today I Made...

Communion Bread.

This bread is a religious experience. [Religious Joke #1]

So as a kid I looooved the communion bread at my families SDA church. The first time I had it I snatched a piece from the plate as it passed. This was major because you are not supposed to take communion until you are baptized and at a 5 year old, I could not be baptized.
But at that moment I understood why they called it the body of Christ. It was so good it must be holy! [Religious Joke #2]

Once I was older and more apt to understand the meaning of the ceremony, I still could not get over how tasty the bread was. Whoever baked it would sometimes have extra that had not been blessed and I would snack on it at potluck after church.

Well a few weeks ago I found the recipe! It is as simple as I thought it would be.
The very very simple recipe is found here

But its basically this.
2cup whole wheat flour
1/2 water
1/2 olive [or other] oil
salt to taste. [I probably put about 2 tsp cause I like it salty]

You mix salt and flour then whisk the water and oil and stir into dry ingredients.
Its important to whisk the water and oil or else you will get doughy hard spots of only water and flour.

Then roll the dough out on a cookie sheet and cut into squares with a pizza cutter.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 -15 minutes. After 10 minutes check the center pieces every 2 minutes or so. You want them to be pretty firm, and they will crisp up a bit after as well.

Mmmmmm so good.

Is it sacrilege that I had them with a glass of wine? [Religious Joke#3]

Friday, October 8, 2010

Looking for the PERFECT one

So the last thing I need to do in the living room is replace the love seat. Its mauve and horrible and huge and ick.
I really want to replace it with a nice sized chaise lounge. The love seat does not get alot of use besides James lounging on it to watch TV.

I have been searching online for weeks and it is so hard to find something I like in my price range.

We are trying to spend around $300. I want something that can seat two people if we have company. Which means only one arm and no sloping seat.

And before you mention it, of course I am watching craigslist. I have seen a few I liked but they always end up being an issue.

These are styles I like, so if you know a good place to find something like this slightly less pricey let me know!

West Elm $750

Macy's $900

Raymour & Flanigan $800

Crate&Barrel $800