Update a la Chaise + A Sweet Container

So after that silly post of longing I stumbled upon an awesome deal on craigslist!
Have I mentioned I love craigslist? No? Oh, well I love craigslist. Like more that I love my cat, and almost as much as I love my husband.
Although I love my husband A LOT right now because he drove all the way to DC [ok not that far but he HATES the city] to pick up the chaise of my dreams.

Before I show you the loveliness, I will show you what was in the space prior to Saturday.

That is on a good day. Most days the rigged cushion cover was falling off exposing the lovely mauve of the original upholstery.

So this is the new piece.

Don't mind the ugly "comes with it" pillow. I will recovering soon.

Isn't it lovely?
It caps out as the most expensive craiglist item I have purchased so far at $200. Although I think it was a steal considering the same item online is nearly $500 plus shipping.

Also I upgraded the Wiimote container. Open, sloppy, just reusing the an item I already had.

Now it is this.

Cute huh? I got it for $10 at Biglots. It is so much cleaner looking, I love it.


Lisa said…
I couldn't replay to your comment on my blog, so I wanted to do it here where you would see it.

Thanks so much for all your great tips! You touched on a few things I didn't even think of. I'm going to start buying plates, napkins, etc. now so I don't have to worry about that later. Your advice about the serving dishes is AWESOME. I still have all my wedding gifts in boxes in the basement and I have no idea what's even in there. I definitely need to pull everything out and make sure we have enough for all the food.

Appreciate you taking the time to help! : )
Lisa said…
Also love that little white jar! pretty!
Pixie in Pumps said…
that's so smart to put the wiimotes in that container! Easy and elegant! I love it.

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