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My Kitchen or Why We Call It The Split Level Of Doom

So when we purchased this house, I was taking care of my husbands grandmother full time. She had end stage Alzheimer and we were in need of a home that had a ground level space that could be separated and used as a small apartment for her.
The house we found had a perfect setup. It is a split level with half the first floor opened into one large room [about 370sqft] with a door at ground level that goes right to the drive way.  All we had to do was reverse the lock into the main house and open a door to the bathroom directly from her room.  It sounds a little cruel to keep her contained in part of the house, but her disease made it impossible to share a space. She constantly believed that we were strangers in her home and often hurt herself trying to "escape."
She passed in Jan 2011 and we renovated the apartment [mainly added a kitchenette] and have been renting it out for extra income ever since.  The situation is perfect for us, especially now that we have added a tiny ne…

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