Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling Validated

For many years now, I have been a [shamefully lurking] member of the craft website

Today I was told that I have the distinction of having one of my projects picked as a Best Of 2010!
As little as that is, it made me feel awesome!

Craftster Best of 2010 Winner

This is up there with time I won first and second place in the homeschool harvest pumpkin carving contest. Although second place "officially" went to my 2 year old sister whose pumpkin I designed and carved.

So I know you are ALL wondering which fabulous DIY project made it to the top.
Was it the living room chairs?

The sheer roman shades?

Maybe my little scrap yoke necklace?

No! The project named among the elite few are my little teal wedding shoes!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shop Update!

Added another couple of sweet items to the shop today.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Have you ever taken advantage of a satisfaction guarantee on a product you felt failed you?
Until today, I never had either. I am not a terribly picky person. I have always been able to make do with whatever I have been handed.
But when I feel I have been swindled I really can not sit by.

Last week I purchased a can of Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint. I have been meaning to paint my pantry door magnetic/chalkboard and could not justify the $25 price tag on a tiny can of magnetic roll on paint. Finally I found the spray paint at Hobby Lobby and even has a 40% off coupon to use on it. I came home feeling thrifty and excited about the project.

I brought the door downstairs, removed the hardware and prepped the surface. Then I started painting. At first it worked fine and then it started to mist. I shook the can and sprayed again. This time it was strong for a moment and then spurted to a stop. I pulled off the tip tapped it on the table and replaced it. Again it spray for a second then spurted and this time died completely. No amount of resuscitation could bring it back.

I had only painted about 1/4 of the door and sat there looking at it in annoyance. As soon as the paint was dry a grabbed one of my favorite magnets and set it on the surface. There was absolutely no pull whatsoever.
While the can implies that the thicker the coat the stronger the attraction, it does not say that one coat should be COMPLETELY ineffectual.

So this morning I contacted Krylon. I don't know what will come of it but I at least hope they are made aware that their product might need some tweaking.

Now I am off to the hardware store to just bite the bullet and buy the tub of Rustoleum Magnetic Paint.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today I Made...

Very first listings for my etsy shop!
I know, So Exciting!!
So click on over to the items and check them out.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today I Made...

Fabric labels!

I love when I discover new and awesome ways of doing things. Man do I have an awesome project for you guys!

Did you know you can print on fabric with your inkjet? No expensive specialty sheets or stiffening solutions needed.

All you do need is: Fabric [basic natural fibers work the best], freezer paper, iron, and scissors or rotary cutter. A cutting mat and guide make it easier as well.

First step is cutting a large piece of fabric and freezer paper to the same size

Layer freezer paper over fabric plastic side down and iron in place on appropriate fabric setting.

The fabric/paper piece should look like this.

Cute the fabric into smaller pieces the size of standard letter paper [8.5"x11"]

To be safe before printing, I press each piece one last time paper side up.

Load paper into printer appropriately [this is usually paper side up] and print regularly.

The last step is of course, Peel!!

It is kind of amazing how finite the detail comes out on basic cotton muslin.

PS. If you want to make sure the ink stays, submerge the fabric in white vinegar and then rinse thoroughly and dry. After that, just treat the item like you would anything printed from an inkjet [avoid prolonged direct sunlight, excessive washing and strong chemical cleansers]

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is It Your Back?

So after sitting for the first half of the day hunched over my laptop like the nerd troll I am the new site design is up and running.

The second half of the day was spent hunched over my new Silhouette sd [!!] machine setting it up.
I first installed the software and decided it was blah and I would rather use Illustrator directly.
It took me a few moments of "duh" before I found the Illustrator plugin available on the Silhouette site.
Then I spent a bit more time testing the little miracle out with my favorite teen vampire inspired stencil.

It worked perfectly!

Unfortunately I do not work perfectly, so I used the deepest blade guard for very very thin paper and already scarred up my mat.

So then I spent a bit more time searching for inexpensive alternatives to the Silhouette brand mats [$25 for two flimsy sheets of plastic!?!?! seriously??].

This has all resulted in an achy back and sore jaw [have I mentioned I grind my teeth when I am consentrating?] but it is all worth it.

Life is relatively pleasant.

New Blog Design!

I am in the process of turning over a new leaf, rebooting my life and making major changes.
For some reason the first thing I felt I needed to do was redesign the blog.

I am going to be using this blog to update on my new business and I figured it needed to reflect a more polished and professional me. Not that I am changing so much, but my life is quite a bit.

Please let me know what you think of the new design!