Feeling Validated

For many years now, I have been a [shamefully lurking] member of the craft website Craftster.com.

Today I was told that I have the distinction of having one of my projects picked as a Best Of 2010!
As little as that is, it made me feel awesome!

Craftster Best of 2010 Winner

This is up there with time I won first and second place in the homeschool harvest pumpkin carving contest. Although second place "officially" went to my 2 year old sister whose pumpkin I designed and carved.

So I know you are ALL wondering which fabulous DIY project made it to the top.
Was it the living room chairs?

The sheer roman shades?

Maybe my little scrap yoke necklace?

No! The project named among the elite few are my little teal wedding shoes!


Renee Malove said…
Yay! Congrats :) See, even Garrett knew those were some truly awesome shoes. It's just been validated!

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