Today I Made...

The Shoes.

So this post is going to start with a short story. When I was in college and living in the dorm I met a girl named Thanh. She was the most adorable southern raised Vietnamese girl who lived down the hall from me in my second dorm. One evening I was turning a pair of pretty pink leather flats into slip ons by removing the heel. I was sitting on the edge of my bed stitching away when Thanh wandered in and with wide eyed amazement said
"Are you making SHOES!?!"
It wasn't that silly of an assumption but just the way she said it cracked me up forever and I would tell the story to people who had not met her to prepare them for her innocent and sometimes clueless cuteness.

This brings me to These shoes. I knew I wanted teal flats for the big day, but the more I looked for them the more I realized I was going to have to "make" them.

On day I was browsing a discount store [Rugged Warehouse] with my sister in law and came upon a pair of eyelet lace flats. They were sweet and ruffly and pointy toed and a 7 1/2. I wear anywhere between an 8 and 9 1/2. I tried them on anyhow [they were only $6 after all] and I could actually get my foot in. Walking would be entirely out of the question however.
In the past I had altered shoes on my own and I figured for $6 I would try. I altered the back so that they are a sling back with a ribbon closure. I think they are fabulous!

In their original state, pretty cute to begin with.

Here is the first bit of alterations - removing and reshaping the heel.

As opposed to dipping them in a dye bath I made a small cup of dye solution and painted it on. These are a few shots of the shoes while they were still wet and un-rinsed.

And here is the final product! I ADORE THEM! I can't wait for the wedding so I can start wearing them all the time.


Christy said…
Silvi, these are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! Love love love it.
al said…
These are sort of the best shoes ever...and I really want to be crafty like you. humph :p

p.s. you need to teach me how to use my sewing machine soon!

Claire said…
i love this shoes!!
i love this blog!!!!
good luck for you and husband!
tous mes vœux de bonheur...

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