River Tam... Can Kill You With Her Brain.

I can not believe I forgot to post about this!!

As I have mentioned recently, I am an active member of the craft website Craftster.org. One of the best things about this site is their organized craft swaps.
They work like this, one person figures on a topic of craftiness to organize a swap around. This could be a type of crafting [there have been embroidery swaps, recipe swaps, postcard swaps] or a theme of crafted objects [favorite tv show, series of books, wall art, nerdy stuff, something for my kids etc]. Then users sign up for the swap and are partnered. You are then responsible for making something awesome for your partner, and they do the same for you.

I don't know about everyone, but I get a lot more joy out of making something for someone else than doing it for myself. This means I don't have to wait for birthdays and holidays to craft for someone!

Last week I signed up for a round of the Whedonverse Swap. If you don't get the reference than you must have been living under a rock for the last 15 years and are obviously not interested in awesomocity should look up Joss Whedon.

This is the second round of this swap I have participated in. Last round I made the River Tam [a character from the much loved and sadly missed tv series Firefly] doll pictured above. She turned out AMAZING and I am so surprised at myself for not having posted about her here. Anyhow, now proceeds my raving squee of fangirldom!

I started with this frighteningly made up Liv doll.

Through a long process of resulpting and repainting her face I ended up with a result I am pretty proud of.

I even made a little box for her to send to my swap partner.

Here is a reference picture of River from the show.

*Update* I have posted about my process and the tools I used to rework her face. You can find the info here.


Anonymous said…
WOW!! Lucky, lucky crafter who swapped with you!
That. Is. AWESOME!!!!

How did you resculpt her face??
Trude said…
Came here from Epbot - can't believe the difference! Amazing job!
Leigh Ann said…
Hi! I came over from epbot too, because the awesomeness of your River is irresistible. I adore River and you did an amazing job! Your swap partner is a lucky (I'm going to assume) lady!
Anonymous said…
Awesome! I WANT one! How'd you get the lips to stop being so...filleriffic?
Rhissanna said…
Hi! I found this through Epbot. This is brilliant! I love dolls, but heck yes, those Liv dolls are creepy. This is just amazing. Can I pick your brains for what you used to clean off the paint and sculpt her new features? Pretty please?
Foodycat said…
Also from Epbot - you are amazing!
Anonymous said…
Also stopping by from Epbot, this is amazing! I'm also curious about what you've done/used to resculpt and paint the face?
Nikki T
elesa said…
I cannot get over what you were able to do to her face. I never would have looked at that Liv doll and thought you ever could have gotten it to look like River. So impressive.
Silvana Kathryn said…
I have posted a response to all your lovely requests about how I went about sculpting and painting the doll.

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