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So today I had the amazing honor of being featured on one of my all time favorite blogs! Epbot Is the wonderfully geeky brainchild of Cake Wrecks creator Jen.
I have been a faithful reader for pretty much always. I have also been going through a somewhat difficult time in my life and really want to get back into blogging. This is by far the best way to get pulled back.
Here goes. I have had a couple people ask how I went about transforming the doll. So I thought I would talk a little about the process. Skip to the end to see the comprehensive list of tools I use.
I picked the Liv dolls because they have perfectly pose-able bodies and very easily changed hair [they all have removable wigs].
Kaylee doll I made for a later swap
The first thing I did was take sticky tack and cover the eyeballs with little blobs. I removed most of the face paint with acetone polish remover. Some residue is always left and I use a multi-side nail buffer to keep removing more until it is mainly fresh faced.

The next step was to carefully carve the face with multiple sizes of very very sharp xacto knives. I smoothed the edges with nail buffers and dremel grinders.
Once the face was an appropriate shape, I began painting. I used basic acrylics and for some pits mixed them with matte mod-podge for a more translucent finish.

I will say this. The Liv dolls have a very childlike, doe-y look to their face inherently. This means that they lend themselves to people who are also childlike and doe-y. This is evident by how much better the River doll came out than the Kaylee doll.

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Rhissanna said…
THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad you posted this. Wow, you carved those teeth? I'm intigued by that.

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