Today I Made...

A little pretty for a hot summer.

My studio is still completely packed and so I scrounged around for scraps and made this little yoke style necklace.

This necklace happens to be in the color scheme of my new bedroom. I guess it is on my brain.


carlyjcais said…
ADORABLE! I love your use of contrasting materials and textures!
Thanks so much for linking up!
Anonymous said…
How sweet -- I love the different fabrics, ribbons, laces. Just beautiful -- so YOU!!!
Mandy said…
I've got the tiniest scrap of that gorgeous houndstooth ribbon and I love it. The colors in this are so lovely!
Silvana Kathryn said…
Isn't it fabulous Mandy? I have been trying forever to find something fun to do with it. I had about a yard or so but have no idea where I found it. :)

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