Today I Made...

Pretty Privacy.
I am going to tell you something but you have to promise not to judge me.

Sometimes I walk around my house in my skivies! Gasp! I know! Also on a rare occasion [ok maybe not THAT rare] I might walk around in nothing.
Its not like I answer the door all desperate housewife in nothing but a negligee or something, but I do go get myself a cup of water in the morning or wander around after a shower.

I sometimes think I could have been a nudist in another life. In this life however my husband is intensely paranoid that someone MIGHT see me. So we keep the blinds closed always!

I hate this, its dark and gloomy and I can't see my trees.

I came up with a solution to this issue and it does not even involve a bath robe.

I made privacy blinds! These are made from two simple mini blinds that I mutilated and added fabric to.

I put them back together in such a way that allowed me to only open the top sections to get in the most light and privacy [we are in a split level, so you would have to be in the tree tops to see in the top section]

This is a close up of the wonderful burnout fabric! I bought the last 5 yards on amazing clearance and plan to use it in a few more rooms.

Here are the old blinds, they were nice but so dark and depressing.

While I made the blinds on my own I did enlist James to help install them. Such a helpful and only slightly "there was nothing wrong with the old ones" cranky hubby.

And check out this monster of a wasp I killed before we started setting them up! That stinger is deadly!



Anonymous said…
I'm glad you got that wasp before he got you. I was stung by two the other day (didn't realize I was near their nest). Talk about pain. I'm still swollen in areas. I had no idea is would be such an ordeal. I had not been stung by a wasp before, but the pain is like a hot match that just won't stop burning. So GLAD you got him. Also -- love the window treatments. CLEVER!
What an ingenious idea! They turned out great!
Wow! What a wonderful job!
Thank you for sharing!
Have a good day.
Maria Isabel said…
Your windows look so much better in white than in brown, so much more light!

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