Is It Your Back?

So after sitting for the first half of the day hunched over my laptop like the nerd troll I am the new site design is up and running.

The second half of the day was spent hunched over my new Silhouette sd [!!] machine setting it up.
I first installed the software and decided it was blah and I would rather use Illustrator directly.
It took me a few moments of "duh" before I found the Illustrator plugin available on the Silhouette site.
Then I spent a bit more time testing the little miracle out with my favorite teen vampire inspired stencil.

It worked perfectly!

Unfortunately I do not work perfectly, so I used the deepest blade guard for very very thin paper and already scarred up my mat.

So then I spent a bit more time searching for inexpensive alternatives to the Silhouette brand mats [$25 for two flimsy sheets of plastic!?!?! seriously??].

This has all resulted in an achy back and sore jaw [have I mentioned I grind my teeth when I am consentrating?] but it is all worth it.

Life is relatively pleasant.


Maria Isabel said…
It sure was worth it, I love this new design! Hay you ever thought about selling this sort of work? Designing pages I mean :)

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