Many Shades of Nude.

My skin - Tan right?

So as anyone who has ever tried to buy foundation before can tell you, there is no such thing as the color "nude" and in a much deeper and more socially aware sense it bothers me a lot when I see things labeled nude but that is way besides the point.

My friends skin - Also tan?

I am olive toned, which I like to call green. I really am green. Mostly when I am a little tanned. Yes I have pinkness to my skin in some places on my body.

The thing is, if you take my skin, and put it against my sister in laws skin she is pale pink, and I am straight green.

My sister in laws skin - Tan again?

My skin is awesome! Please do not misunderstand, this is not where I bust out in a chorus of "its not easy being greeeeen!" But seriously, it's not easy being green.

The world seems to thing that people come in two basic hues: pink and gold. Yeah there are all the shades in the world of those two hues. But how does that help the odd green girl out?

Because of this anomaly of skin shade, I have the HARDEST time doing two things. Finding foundation and finding nude nail polish. When I am super pale I can usually get away with a neutral light shade. Something right above porcelain and right below medium. Nail polish is even harder. Every pretty beigey polish no matter how neutral it looks in the bottle, comes out peachy pink on my nails.

Me + Friend - NO! Lies!! The true greenness is revealed

I finally found a polish a few years back that was nearly perfect. It was called Bare It In Trafalgar Square by OPI and was more of a greige.

Me + SiL - OH My freakgreen green!

Sadly, it was discontinued. The other day I found an awesome replacement. It is an Essie resort collection color called Playa del Platinum. I looove it!

It is a very warm toned beige and it makes my greenish skin look much more gold.

Disclaimer: images are gross misrepresentations of our skin tones created for the dramatization of my issues


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