I have been waiting for this my whole life.

As a little girl I used to make my own cosmetics. I would crush chalk for eye shadow, shave colored pencils for blush, and use anything from food coloring and Vaseline to smashed up cherries for my lips.

As I have gotten older my tastes have changed slightly. But one thing I have never gotten used to is lipstick and lip gloss[that vile liquid of Satan].

It always makes me feel as though I am painting my face, literally. I often end up with half my hair permanently attached to my sticky lips. I smudge it across my face or it somehow gets on my own collar. So I stick to lip balm [and usually in the very utilitarian and unflavored verities] and if I am feeling adventurous I put on some Milani gloss in Secret[because a nude shade can not discolor any part of my face in close proximity to my mouth].

Well this brings me to the most amazing thing to hit drug stores and beauty counters since high pigment eye shadow and solid cake liners.

Lip stain. I am not the first to tout its wonders. However, after only a few days as a user, I dare say I am one of its biggest fans.

I purchased the new Revlon stain in Berry Juicy and Cherry Tart. I am so tempted to go back today and get the plum and orange hues.

When I first rolled it one [some have said they were uncomfortable with the roller ball but I love it] the first thing that struck me was the flavor. It didn't taste as if it were "flavored" but rather as if it was simply made of berries. Imagine my delight when I read the ingredients and found that is was in fact made of berries.

It slipped on really well and with a few rubs of my lips against each other it was complete. It does not leave a strange residue like a lipstick or gloss does. So I am free to use my Blistex as I see fit.
I dont feel as if I am wearing color, but I am. This for me is one of the most wonderful things ever.


Moi said…
Ooh I gotta try this. Is it more of a glassy texture or shimmery one? I'm looking for more of a glassy finish, less sparkley though.
Silvana said…
It is not glassy or shimmery. It is just color. The color seeps into your skin and stains it, so you can top with any gloss you like. If you have a favorite glassy clear gloss you can cover the stain with that and not worry about the color wearing out.

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