I wanna live off the grid...

One of the many reasons I hope to have a solar house one day is to avoid the "scheduled" outages power companies love to pull.

We have no power for ten hours today. TEN HOURS!
Its horrendous.

I am not a fan of my power company. It is mainly coal run, and I often mourn the loss of beautiful West Virginia mountain tops each time I microwave some oatmeal or wash my clothes on warm.

I know I cant change the minds of everyone about power and conservation. Humanity likes to put things off until they are slapped in the face with it, and I am not really condemning that. It is simply how people work. We are born procrastinators.

One day we will have some alternate way of transportation, simply because our old ways will no longer be available.
One day EVERYONE will acknowledge global warming, only once Florida and a few lovely vacation spots are submerged.
But still, I am not preaching, I think thats how the world develops, if anything I think it is a bit silly to get so up in arms about those inevitable changes. Whether by human influence or simple geological evolution, things will change.

In the mean time. I want a house fully equipped with solar energy and solar-thermal temp control. I want to utilize old school home design, allowing natural breezes and shade to cool me in the summer.
I want to drive a high pressured air powered car [or whatever awesome development comes along]

I don't want to do these things so that I can save the planet, or make a statement. I want to do it so I won't ever worry about the "what ifs" that come with the changes our world might soon see.


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