Today I Made...

mmmmmmm Cake.

I have never been much of a cake lover.
It always tastes dry and too heavy. Icing makes me want to gag. And no matter what flavor of cake you make, it all just taste like.... cake.

Well I have made up my own little recipe for a cake that I actually adore. Its a bit of a cheat, but I still like it.

I buy a box of white cake mix. Any brand or type works. I make it as the box says, but I exchange the oil for applesauce [this was originally a trick to cut down fat but it makes the cake alot more moist] and I add almond extract and natural vanilla to the batter. I usually add a little more almond than vanilla.

I bake the cakes as directed and make sure not to over cook them.

While I am preparing and baking the cakes I put a bag of frozen strawberries in a bowl with about a half a cup of amaretto and let it thaw. The brand you use is really dependent on what your personal preference is.

When the cakes are done I let them chill and then slice the rounded tops. This is for two reasons. One a cake stacks better when it is sliced, and the filling absorbs better on an open surface.

When the filling is thawed I spoon the liquid on both cakes and let it seep in. Then I scoop the strawberries on the bottom cake and add a layer of fresh sliced berries as well.

The last thing to do is make the whipped creme. It is one small carton of heavy cream with vanilla, almond and sugar to taste. I ice the cake with the whip creme and then add sliced berries to the top.

Here is the final product.


Moi said…
Oh wow that cake looks yummy! I like cake!

Ma Petite Chou

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