Bargain Shopper!

So I did a job with a friend of mine who is a caterer [the lovely lady who catered my wedding] this weekend and made a little extra spending money. Some of it is going to my new dressers fund.

I took a little and went shopping today and boy was it the day to shop.

Victoria Secret has been having one of their bra sales. I went on the first day and bought a bra for $24. But when I got home and tried it on again I felt like I had torpedo boobs. I ended up taking it back.

Today however I found 2! bras I liked and when I got to the register I realized they were both only $15 [marked down from $42!].

How cute is that little owl!?! Sorry for the excitement, cute bras in my size and few and far between.

Then I went over to Bath and Body Works [I was using the shopping bag I picked up from there a few weeks ago which got me 10% off anything I buy] and they had awesome sales going. Alot of their regular items were buy 2 get 2 free AND they were handing out coupons for $10 off $30.

I got ALL this [originally $97.50] for only $29.50!

I am super excited about the massage oils. They smell soooo nice.

Finally I went into New York and Co and found some jewelry on clearance. Both this bracelet set and the earrings were $2.

So now for the breakdown.

Original Total = $205

Total Spent = $64

Total Saved =


Maria Isabel said…
I love finding great deals like that!

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