Cutest wrong number ever

One missed call.
One voice mail.

Mans voice: hey give me the phone
Little girls voice: no daddy i'm leavin a message!


Bri said…
That IS the cutest wrong number message! I love it. I remember when my youngest cousin (now 17) was about 2, she picked up the phone and played with the buttons, talking away. When my uncle got home that night, he thanked my aunt for calling him and having their daughter talk to him. My aunt had no idea what he was talking about. My cousin must have hit redial, got her dad and talked away. Too cute. Kids and long as they don't call Timbuktu or some such far off land. :)
Silvana said…
My baby sister used to do the exact same thing. I would hear her arguing with my little brother in a 15 minute message.

By the way, I adore your page. I have been seriously itching to try that chubble bread. It looks amazing.

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