Chocolates and roses and hearts! Oh My!

The stereotypes of valentines day have always sort of annoyed me. Maybe its because a box of goo filled chocolate makes me queesy, or that a dozen red roses bore me to death, or that the day that is supposed to remind you how much you love and appreciate the person you chose to be with really just makes your romance seem common place and redundant.

That being said, I am not a hater of valentines. I actually love it. Its another excuse to pour love and appreciativeness over someone special. This is where I start the brag fest about how absolutely perfect my Valentines has been.

It all starts with the fact that I have laryngitis. I haven't been able to squeek out more than a syllable in three days. I missed work, and have been spending most of my time in bed drinking piping hot mint tea with massive amounts of lemon and honey.

So today I got my butt up and went into the store, I still couldn't talk but I didn't feel terrible. As time went on however I started to feel a little more ill and by 3 or so my boss sent me home for fear of catching my disease.

Then all the happy started. Because I was dying James decided to cuddle with me and have a nap. I also had some of my tea and soon I was good as new. I wanted to give him my gift so we gathered up our cutely wrapped offerings and switched off. His wrap job was suspiciously nice so I figured he had help.

I made him these.

They are 5"x7" paintings of the two living things he loves the most. Me and his dog Fudge McChocolate. They now reside on the wall beside his computer screen.

He gave me a gift certificate to a local store called Zanadu.
A gift certificate you say? How is that so great? Well I will tell you. Ever since that store opened I have been lusting after all the lovely things in the windows. However I have yet to enter. I have been trying to find a job for a long time and so I was on a strict no shopping for anything but food and toilet paper rule. It was hard and I had tiny tiny accidents along the way.
[like these little darlings I had been craving for a while and only gave into because they are from Payless
tre cheap] He knew all along how much I wanted to go to this store, and how much I had been missing the fun that is shopping. So this evening we went there and I got to browse.
I also got to pick out some super fun stuff
Firsts there is the delicate silver chain I have needed forever.

I also picked up some of the tastiest smelling wax bars for my simmer plate.

Last and my favorite, My hot pink peace Buddha. I had been eying this particular piece for weeks and knew when I walked in the door it had to be mine.

I even have left over on the certificate for whenever I need a pick me up.

Then he took me to eat at our favorite little Mexican place and it was on to the local indie theater to see Juno for the second time. I still cry buckets at the end.
He got us the membership popcorn bucket that is everlasting, and promises to take me back there for movies until I get tired of it. Which is never.

The thing about valentines day is that it is supposed to remind you how special the person you love is, and how special you are to them. And that is absolutely what I got today.

Not to mention my mom sent me this sweet mini plant.


Flair said…
very cute valentines!

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