Today I Made...

A precious little wall vignette.

Here they are in a raw state. I should have taken photos of how icky the top of the kitty perfume bottle was.

I took off the candle holding part of the sconces and painted them white.
All set up in their new little corner!

Close up of how delightfully cute it all is.

I also made a new top for my nightstand. It used to be painfully tiny, because it is actually just a shelf.
Here is was before.

Here it is after!
I went to the lumber supply and got a free scrap that is 2'x1'6" and used my super 77 spray adhesive to attach a lovely sheet of wrapping paper.

I will have up my other finds [a couple of nifty dresses] as soon as I alter them!

Its so nice to feel healthy again!


Amy Clarke said…
Your bedside table turned out really pretty with the new covering.

I love going thrifting but I never seem to find anything - I'm probably not looking hard enough! I love the blue fish you found :)
Amy Clarke said…
I've read The Curious Incident... recently too! I loved it, and apparently the author has another one out that's meant to be just as good, so I'm on the lookout for it now!
Moi said…
You are so crafty! The bedside table looks great!

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