I have a dirty little secret. Its a habit I have picked up in the last year. It has alot to do with my boyfriend, but I try to keep it from him as best I can.
My guilty pleasure: wedding websites. It isn't a daily exorcise, more the occasional relapse consisting of intensive multi-day binges.

I am just coming out of one now and I have something to say.

A lot of wedding dresses these days are painfully boring, and some are just plain ugly.

There are so many examples of this, but one shouts at me every time I give into the urge to type "weddings" in my google side bar.

The fully bustled skirt:


is meant for windows, but blushing brides.

Somehow the masses have been convinced that the billowing monstrosity is elegant and of the moment.

Lets have a look at what else was once considered elegant and of the moment.

In the seventies it was the 'Edwardian' style, which was popular for both brides and their maids.

When the eighties came around it was the giant sleeves.

Most recently, the nineties showed us the 'contemporary' hairstyles

Every one tells you not to pick a dress, or a hairstyle, or even makeup that doesn't feel like you. But even more than this, don't pick things that wont feel like you in ten, twenty, fifty years.


jbenne02 said…
This is hillarious. You're so right. Those hideous hairstyles remind me of too many proms and homecomings, and unfortunately leaked into the early 200's....I feel the same way about the hideous fully bustled skirts. Even worse if its pure white satin. How tacky.

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