Family Connections

So thanks to the internet, more notably Facebook, I got to have a very fun conversation with my cousin in the Azores.

Marco: se tiverem uma barrinha de ouro a mais nao esquecem deste pobre aqui lol
[translation: If you have a spare bar of gold, don't forget this poor guy lol]

Marco: silvana falas portuges
[translation: Does Silvana speak Portuguese?]

Silvana: hahaha no, well I knew you were asking for something but that's it

Marco: i am wor cansen [I am your cousin]

Silvana: I know

Marco: gold for farmvile bat a dont no wirt ingles [I want gold for farmville, but I don't know the English words]

Silvana: hahaha I will send gold

Marco: tanks

Silvana: no problem

Marco: you are all dora all raposo [you are Als daughter? Al Raposo?]

Silvana: yes

Marco: i am abel son [I am Abels son]

Silvana: oh, I have met you before I think

Marco: i look lik my fadher [I look like my father]

Silvana: yes you do

Marco: i sepec ingles rid bedd [I speak English real bad]

Silvana: Yeah, I know very little Portuguese

Marco: he you chod lorn portuges [Hey you should learn Portuguese]

Silvana: I try

Silvana: I learned Spanish in school and it helps some

Marco: my ancoll i is in canada [is my uncle still in Canada?]

Silvana: My father? No he moved to West Virginia

Marco: ok


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