A thrifty remodel.

Let me preface this post by saying, I have not had a bath in over a year! More so, the number of baths I have had in the past 10 years is recordable by a few sets of fingers. This is not because I dislike baths, in fact, long soaking baths are one of my favorite things ever. I have simply been unfortunate in the way of tubs.

Somewhere close to 11 years ago my family home burned down. This was post single parent living and we could not afford an appropriate replacement. So for the next 6 years I lived in a home with only a stand alone shower. Then I went away to college and as many might know, was relegated again to showerdom of the dorms. I finally got an apartment with a tiny and I mean tiny green 1950s tub with uncontrollable mold issues. Needless to say my baths were few and far between.

Throughout this entire time line the only bathing I did was when I visited my dad in his grand downtown home. [Is it just my father or are huge luxurious baths a Portuguese thing?]

Finally my husband and I moved back to Fredericksburg this year and are renting a nice little home. In this home are to bathrooms, a small master bath with standing shower and a hall bath with tub. The hall bath belongs to James grandmother, whom I care for full time. That bathroom has become unusable by normal people because no matter how many times you clean it, it is quite filthy within a few hours. All I will say is, at 93, dribbling occurs.

So goes my years of tublessness and so comes my first important project for the new house.
We go to closing [crosses fingers] on the 30th! I have let James know that the bathroom upstairs MUST be upgraded before we move in. I just can't live another year of sub par bathing.

Of course I am a reasonable woman, so I have been collecting the items needed to remodel our bathroom in the most economic ways - Craigslist and the ReStore!

So far I have gotten a large soaking tub [60"x 42"x 24"], an under-mount sink, a vanity base and matching medicine cabinet and a kitchen sink which is unrelated but still great, for $265.
Did I mention both sinks are Kohler?

I am ALMOST more excited about the great deals than the new luxurious bath I will have in a month or so.... Almost.


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