Today I Made...

A pretty little recon tank top.

I have been reading ~Ruffles And Stuff~ a lot lately and Disney is making me want some cute girlie things very badly so today I gave into my urges.

This particular tank top is one of the softest most comfy things in my wardrobe. Unfortunately its also very plain and I end up sleeping it in most of the time.
I was messing around in my studio today trying to keep my mind off house buying and I found a pile of doilies I had forgotten all about. Creativity struck and I am very pleased with the results.

Here are the pieces [minus some tiny ribbon that came into the project later]

The nearly finished product

I realized the neck was gaping and the bow was lopsided so I moved the bow to the other side and strung the tiny ribbon into the neckline to gather it. This is the FINAL final product and I LOVE it.

Also if you are interested, she is also having a contest for DIY ruffly cuteness ending April 2nd.


Anonymous said…
That turned out absolutely darling. You're a good seamstress. I love the ruffly things too, but, alas, when I was being raised, many moons ago, my mother told me that she thought I looked better in "tailored" items -- I've never been able to put on a ruffles since then. Isn't it funny how some things just stick in your mind? Thank you for following me. I'm going to follow you too! To my knowledge, you're the first medium I've ever followed! How exciting!
Sam O said…
Hi there, I just popped over from Craftster. I love the top, you've done a great job on it. I'm definitely putting doilies on my thrifty shopping list!

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