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The ever evolving free lamps: Silver edition

So these lamps have a bit of a story behind them. Some years ago, during the summer after my first year of college I worked at our local Hancock Fabrics [for those unfamiliar this is a fabric and home decor store] as their in store design consultant and design side lead. That title sounds spiffy but I only made $6.70 and hour and it wasn't all that glamorous.
It did however have its perks. Besides the joy of spending my hours surrounded by fabric, and the ability to actually help people by imparting my knowledge and expertise of all things fabric, I also got free stuff. Oh yes, free stuff. This is the only job where this has happened to me and I loved it. If a product ever broke or came in damaged and it was under a certain price point is was damaged out of the system. This meant the store would get reimbursed and the product could be trashed. However I was allowed to salvage anything I liked.
This is where the lamps came in. They were in a shipment and arrived with completely smashed up shades and scuffed bodies. They were damaged out and [que choirs of free stuff angels] I got to take them home!

Their first iteration, which I unfortunately have no photos of, were in a style and coloring very close to this:

My first reinvention was to paint them white and put a burlap lamp shade on them.

They remained in this sad state for quite a few years.

Now it comes to the present. My husband and I are buying a house and my head is spinning with all the plans for my first home. I have settled on this idea of making our bedroom into a posh hotel room, complete with crisp white linens, heavy black out drapes, deep rich calming blue walls etc. My next thought is, what says "posh hotel" more than Silver lamps and box pleat lampshades!

Have I mentioned I love metallic silver spray paint?
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This stuff is amazing.


Kathy said…
Yes! Love the silver!
The should really add to the "posh" in your bedroom! My Mom managed a Hancock Fabrics store YEARS ago in Houston and we got free stuff too! But I wasn't so crafty back then.
Anonymous said…
Wooo I love that lamp. You did not indicate the link party on your post. Please try again.
Love the silver and pleated shade... definitely hotel quality! Great transformation & thanks for sharing it with us at the Power of Paint Party.
WOW WOW WOW!! Thats all I have to say!! WOW!!

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