Today I Made...

Nothing... :(

I am a week into a project and had a major road block.

I have two chairs.

They are from the same design era and to unify them I am painting them both and replacing their cushions with matching fabric.

This is what went wrong. I decided to spray paint for a smoother finish. I purchased quality paint and primer. I cleaned and sanded the chairs. I painted the primer - all good. I painted the first coat of paint - all good. I came back a day later and started to paint the second coat - all NOT good.

The second coat of paint acted exactly as a coat of stripper would have. I have stripped things and am familiar with the gooey wrinkled reaction but if you aren't, it looks like this.

I wish I had photos of the actual damage, but I panicked when it happened and started to repair without even thinking of documentation.

I still have no idea what went wrong. But I have since purchased a can of regular paint in the exact same color. I have fixed all the stripped spots sanded both chairs down AGAIN and am in the process of the new paint job.... blegh.

I will hopefully have some images of the finished product within the weekend.

On a happier note, we should be going to closing at the LATEST Tuesday! I have decided that I want the bathroom redone by my birthday on the 13th.


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