Another Room Visualized!

That's progress right?
I even made a Photoshop mock up.

What I ALREADY have:
Fabric for headboard
Fabric for shade
Night stands
Wall decor

What I need
Materials for headboard
New dresser
New duvet cover and pillow shams

I hate wanting to make things like my fabulous new headboard and just not having the time...
I have to keep reminding myself that in two months things will be soooo calm again.


Cat said…
Love the mock up!!!! The mustard and mint green combination is unexpected and heavenly. This room looks so cozy, it makes me want to curl up and take a nap :)
This is amazing!! I kid you not, these are the colors of my room. Just done in a different way!!! Maybe make the headboard out of drywall to get that shape going? Little Green Notebook's blog has Diy tutorial if you decided to try it.

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