The Dynamics of Moving

I can't say for sure if this is a universal feeling, but relocation tends to make me want to purge the old and acquire the new.
This new house is urging me to buy new furniture, and then new accessories, maybe nice new appliances. I go so far as wanting new clothes.
Think about it this way; Do you really want to pack up all those old ratty sweaters and one size too big/small pants just so they can mar the fresh tidiness of the new empty closet? I get the same feelings when I buy a new journal that is so pretty and straight and unfoxed that I can't make myself write in it. Yes, I have a bin of lovely perfect unused journals and sketch books, its a problem and I am working on it.

My brain is on the brink of war. The strong, ancient, well established army of frugality is coming up against the young revolutionary freshness militia. Thus far they have been able to maintain a somewhat peaceful coexistence but recently a small yet powerful group has begun to rouse old animosity, they call themselves nostalgia.

These two candle sticks are the start of all this cranial tension.

I have had these two since I was a teenager. They had been a trio until last month when my husband knocked one over and it didn't make the fall. I purchased the set from Dollar General for something like $7. They were originally bright, tacky, brassy gold and I antiqued them. I don't remember how honestly, it was too many years ago.

The issue how is, I can't bare to lose them, but they are so old and really don't go with the style of my things these days.
As a 15 year old, I was full of dark and brooding feelings which came out in my decor. Deep wine red walls, rich purple bedding, strange haunting paintings and lots of ornate black accessories.

I have been considering painting them the same metallic silver as I my lamps, or possibly a clean bright white to go with other items in my living room. I just don't know what to do.

Anyone have a solution that would pacify all three sides of my waring consciousness?


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