The First Room to be Finished... In My Mind

This move is going slowly but surely. I just packed about 90% of my kitchen! eek! no appliances and only three pans until we officially move.
I am the type of person that hates to do lots of things slowly. I am a "one project start to finish at a time" girl. So I am really excited to have mentally and nearly physically finished all preparations for one whole room.

Behold the beginnings of my living room.

Alot of this design was inspired by two things I love. My antique Indian quilt and my Folies-Bergère print.

I am trying to bring those two very old things into a more modern space.
So the first thing I did was pull a wonderful warm gray out of the quilt to step outside the obvious earth tones.

This paint is called elephant skin.

Going along with the gray paint are slip covers for my quadruple-hand-me-down mauve couches [on no, I kid not, MAUVE]

Pulled from both pieces of art are the gold-green and bold red I am also incorporating.
The drapes are going to be made from this AMAZING faux silk dupioni.
[this is how the fabric was previously used, it covered a whole wall in the bedroom of my old apartment]

Then of course my favorite chairs!

The red comes in as a set of side tables [sorry I do not have photos yet, somehow they are not finished despite being started over a month ago... c'est la vie]
They are painted Apple Red by Rustoleum

Finally I am going to be using some silver tone and glass accents to again pull the space out of a time warp. I love these birds! I have one alot like it but it is packed away and can't be photographed.

I also have some dark wood finish book cases and matching media stand but they are not interesting enough to post. Now if only I could settle my mind of a color for my bedroom!


Cat said…
Love the quilt! Happy Birthday to you as well (almost:)). I actually painted a wall of my living room this exact color (were we separated at birth ? ;)). I LOVE it...really warms the space in a sophisticated way. Can't wait to see the final results!

If you need help with your flowers, let me know!

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