Have I Mentioned I Love Free Stuff?

So last month I joined a website called Gilt.com I wish I could remember where I found it. I am sure it was on a blog somewhere but I really don't remember which.
The premise of the website is that each day there are certain items on sale in a very limited quantity. The items are all lovely quality goods, mostly apparel and accessories with a few house wares thrown in.
In addition to the great prices for designer items, another site perk is that if you invite a friend and they purchase something you receive a $25 credit. Pretty sweet right?

I had checked the site a couple of times since I joined but nothing had jumped out at me. Then a week ago I opened my inbox to find an email from Gilt announcing a one week $20 credit. I had not done anything to get this so I snooped around to make sure it was legit. Sure enough I could use that $20 with no penalty and no minimum purchase amount.

I still had not found anything I loved on the site [at least nothing with a sale price dent-able by a $20 credit] until I wandered over to the kids section.

I found this awesome umbrella!

It was on sale for $12 [half the regular price] and despite being a child's umbrella, boasts a nearly 40" diameter and 30" handle length. This means its more than large enough for a grown up [namely me!] to use.

So I added this bad boy to my shopping cart and proceeded to check out. The shipping cost was $7.95 which meant the total came out to be $19.95.

I put in the order on Thursday the 22nd and the lovely little umbrella arrived today.

I can't say whether they do promotions like this very often but it is worth signing up to find out.

Of course if you want to try them out I would love if you clicked here to do so. Then if you find something fabulous you can thank me for the hint. ;)


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