Maybe I Should Consider A New Career

My husband is awesome. One thing that made him so awesome was he let me design my own engagement/wedding ring. He proposed with a piece of $10 costume jewelry so I could have exactly what I wanted.

I will tell you this, having a piece of jewelry made custom on a budget is so very difficult. I talked to multiple jewelers and was about to give up when the last one refused to set any lab created stones.

Then I found Laurie Sarah. She is located in California [I know all the way across the country] and has an etsy shop, Laurie Sarah Designs. I contacted her about my trouble getting the ring of my dreams [and budget] made. I sent her the super nerdy diagram I had been working on for a while showing the exact dimensions I would like along with the stones [12 tiny moissanite and one padparadscha sapphire] and she created something so wonderful I still get giddy at its glitter.

Today I thought I would wander over to her shop again and when I did, I found that my design is still in her regular rotation!
This is a custom order based on my ring! It is my rings beautiful little twin! I never thought when she asked for permission to use the design again that anyone would actually buy it!

I feel so proud, even though I did none of the actual work. Its as though I created something that is spreading beyond myself. Its exciting.
Here is the ring again [this one you can buy yourself!] and here it is in all white stones, and another with a lovely soft pink center sapphire!

Laurie Sarah and her husband have so many gorgeous designs that can be customized.
I always loved this one with the precious little knot on the side.

Of course if you are like me, you will just want them to create something wholly new for you.

More images of my ring because I am sure you want to see them.

This was a progress image she sent me while she was working on it.

And this is the diagram I sent her showing what I wanted. Complete with a couple Photshopped rings for visual aids.


Cat said…
What a lovely and sweet story! Off to check out her shop now :)
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