My Crazy is Acting Up Again

What do you think of Saxophones?....
Yeah that's how I feel too. I can't stand them. I don't like the sound they make, or how they look, or the people who play them. I never thought this was much of a problem until yesterday.

I wrongly assumed that having an unwavering distaste for a particular instrument was acceptable but have been informed that it is not.
I was on the way to Lowes with Debi [my 18 year old sister] yesterday morning when the conversation occurred. I have to mention that Debi was edgy because the very thought of walking into a Lowes set off her previous reno flashbacks. She kept thinking she was in the fan aisle with my mom again, waiting the 4 hours it took her to make up her mind and JUST PICK OUT A FAN ALREADY! I tried to explain that I was not that type of shopper, that I had researched online and was 97% sure which selection I was going to make and simply wanted to pick them up in person.
She wasn't convinced.

So somehow we got to talking and saxaphones came up. I wish I could remember how, but I can. I mentioned casually that I hate sax, everything about it, completely and without exception. This simply would not do. She used her phone to look up song featuring a sax on Youtube and played them despite my polite request to stop. She tried to psychoanalyze what early childhood trauma must have caused this hate. She then assumed I must have dated someone horrid that played. I swore that I don't recall ever knowing someone that played, and that the sound simply made my head hurt. She asked about the other members in the brass family and I said I didn't mine them. I can always go for some trumpets or a little recorder.

By the time we made it to the Lowes parking lot she had determined, based on her exhaustive research and knowledge base that my hatred for a single instrument could only be explained in one way - I am crazy.

Yes folks, it has been diagnosed, I can rest easily now knowing definitively what ails me; a strong case of the crazy.

Will update upon further developments.


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