Today I Made...

Well actually it was yesterday. A custom banner for a mother of one of my little sisters school mates.

My husband gets on me occasionally about the irresponsible stretching of myself thin.
I can not say no.
"Silvana can you make this?"
"Of course!"

"Hey Silvie are you free this weekend?"

"Could you do this for me?"
"yeah, well OK"

"Silvana you have to help me!"

I love to help out, even if I sometimes sacrifice the higher priorities.
I have planned bridal a bridal shower and bachelorette party in two weeks due to a flaky maid of honor. I have thrown innumerable birthday parties for my siblings over the years. I have made altered nearly every special occasion dress for certain hard to fit friends, even before my own senior prom. I always ended up helping other students in my college courses rather than do my own work.
I have loved every minute of this. The issue is, I have an uncanny knack for doing the sorts of projects when I really have more on my plate than I can honestly handle.

This flag is one of those projects. We are in the thick of packing, renovating, planning our marriage celebration and having a root canal. Actually that last one is just me :( My molars, like my nails hate me.

I had to tell my husband that today I was taking a break from our important tasks to finish this project. He was kind enough to not call out why I was in this situation.
He is such a sweety. :\


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