Today I Made...

Some bridal Bling.

So I had an old piece of costume jewelry, an elastic rhinestone bracelet. The elastic broke and so it was just an over sized piece of shiny unusable junk.
I am not sure how this particular idea came into my head but I love the result

I used all this [minus the closure, I ended up using a normal clasp]

I snipped out the extra rhinestones and stitched the bracelet onto the velvet ribbon. I finished by folding the ribbon over and stitching another whole length to the bottom of the bracelet.
I used the chain clasp from an old broken necklace as the hook and clasp.

Of course I should have been packing. It's so easy to be distracted by something quick, pleasant and ending in instant gratification, when the alternative is long, tedious and with no end in sight.

Sigh, I can't wait for this move to be over.


Mary Ellen said…
HA! That is so funny! I'll do anything to avoid packing, too! Hey, if you have to pack, you may as well have a super cute bracelet to wear! Fashion first, I always say!

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