What a Waste of a Day.

Do you ever spend the whole day doing things and still feel like you accomplished nothing?

I was moving non-stop since I got up this morning. I had a few stitches left on the dress. By the time I had finished that and showered I needed to meet my brother at Home Depot to pick tile, toilet seat and counter top.
The tile is a 12" neutral light tan. They do not have the item listed on the site but it looked very similar to this:

I also got a 12" mosaic medallion:

The final item I picked up is this counter top:

I looked at and picked out but have not purchased a seat for the existing toilet.
It was the right color but I was not sure it was the right size. I will be picking one up later this week.

I spent many hours and multiple store visits looking for bull nose tile edges that went well with the tile and finally gave up.

All the items were sent over to the new house with my brother so they could continue working. I came home feeling completely exhausted and totally unaccomplished. I know that the work they are doing is far beyond my abilities, but I hate the feeling of paying someone else to do things.

I am the girl that had only one professional hair cut in her life, and that was on her fifth birthday. I never once called a professional in any home repair field until last month and have been regretting it since [$326 to snake a drain?!?! Inconceivable!] and the only full priced home item I have ever purchased was our TV.

Even this renovation is thrifty, but unfortunately not very hands on.
Tomorrow I am refinishing the second hand vanity I got for $50. It is solid wood so its worth a little work. I know I will go to bed feeling more accomplished tomorrow night than I am tonight.


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