It Didn't Feel Cheap.

So our wedding, by American standards, was very budget conscious. I hate to call myself cheap, usually opting for creative or thrifty, but I sure don't like to spend money.

I read an article over at about wedding statistics and I realized how different mine was.

Some of my favorite items:

"1. The average budget for just the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. And that’s down five percent from 2008! Still New York City and Long Island throw the most money away lavish weddings, with their budgets at nearly $57,000"
My total cost = $1000

"4. The average engagement ring costs $5,847. Bling-bling, cha-ching"
My custom designed wedding ring = $800

"6. Most brides have at least one DIY element, usually ceremony programs, favors, or escort cards"
The ONLY elements of my wedding that weren't DIY were my cake [made by my sister in law], my food [made by my caterer friend] and my photography [taken by a family member] which I did all the editing on myself.

"8. The average number of friends the bride will force to buy a dress that they hate is five. The average number of groomsmen squeezed into monkey suits also numbers five. Even Steven"
Our attendants = A big fat none. Although we made about 15 friends and family speak as part of our ceremony.

"11. On average, the parents of the bride usually pay 46 percent of the cost, the bride and groom absorb 40 percent, and the groom’s folks get away with a mere 12 percent contribution"
My dad bought the alcohol and all the rest was on us. Of course considering the tiny total cost it wasn't much of a burden.

The crazy thing is, I never once felt that I was missing something from my wedding. I never had the "I wish I could afford..." thought. Even our smallish [about 70 people] guest list was not really a compromise. We started with a much larger list and cut if back because, truthfully, so many of them I never even talked to much less invited to visit.
I was lucky to have talented friends and family. My food was 5 star, my photography professional and my cake truly perfect.

I LOVED making all the decorations, I adored making my dress, and my free venue was better than anything I looked at with a fee. I mean who gets a rockin' pool party reception! The tiny price tag was just a great side effect of all the crafting.

I guess the point of this post is to say, have a wedding that makes you happy. If that means top of the line, all the bells and whistles than go for it full force. If your dream wedding is crafty and quirky and completely DIY then get out the glue guns and sewing machines. The only important thing is the day represents you. Luckily for us crafty types that usually also means not having to go into dept.


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