Today I Made...

Some super cute clothes for some super cute little girls.

My sister [the older girl] and my niece are spending a couple of days at my house and I got them to help me organize and unpack some of my studio in exchange for new homemade clothes! They were ready and willing.

They picked out their fabrics from my scrap bin and I sketched up and sewed up each outfit while they did some unpacking. Both outfits I made in about 3 hours. I love how fast sewing is!

Also how awesome is my nieces pink hair? My sister in law gave me the OK to dye it yesterday.


Awww lucky little girls! I am determined to learn to sew one day... soon... haha. :)
Mandy said…
What an adorable skirt you made your sister! I'd like one of those. :)

And I wish I was allowed to have pink hair at that age, haha!
Maria Isabel said…
Those dresses look very good! The color combination of the older girl's dress. And pink hair! Cool! How did you manage that?

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