I Have To Brag A Little!

I have a good friend from college, James Harte, who is an architect and carpenter.
Years before we were married [or even engaged] my husband and I helped James move and he had the most beautiful trunk.

I asked him about it and he said he built it himself and I said I would take one for Christmas.
He offered to make us one someday as a wedding gift.

He was a little late but brought us our phenomenal trunk last week when he visited for a party I threw.
Look at this thing! Sorry for all the photos, it is just so pretty.


Maria Isabel said…
Wow your friend is talented AND a great friend! I love the colors of the inside, it almost looks intentional. So pretty I keep looking at it again!
Hi Crafty Neighbor! Thought I'd visit your blog! That is a really fantastic trunk, my sis was trying to get a hold of something similar, wish I could find something just like it!

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