Today I Made...

Real[ish] Ramen

In little snippets throughout the day I watched a silly movie called The Ramen Girl.
The film stars the late Brittany Murphy and is about a flighty tourist trying to become a ramen chef after her life goes to crap.

The movie itself is a little crap as well, but there was one shining star - the ramen! It looked so good I was craving it all day.
So when James came home I made us some real live ramen [not the kind in the foam cup].

There are lots of variations on ramen and lots of different ingredients to choose from. The most common being pork, eggs, norim mushrooms or green onions.

I did mine a little different [although I forgot the nori which I already had on hand and meant to use] because I am not much of a meat eater.
My toppings were: Hard boiled egg, shredded fresh spinich, corn, peas, sauteed tofu and imitation crab meat.

Next time I will definitely add the nori, and forgo the crab. It was too sweet. I am considering some red peppers as well.


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