Le Sigh.

So a couple years ago I found a piece of GORGEOUS hand painted silk at a thrift store. I used literally every inch of it to make myself a flowy maxi dress, but it always fit a little big so it sat in my closet.

Well I have gained some weight in the last two years and I put the dress on this summer to find it fit much better.

I took it with me on my trip to the beach and wore it a couple times.

When we got home James took all the laundry from the trip and tossed it in the washer together. My dress was among them. When it came out the colors had ran and all the crisp white details were now a muddy gray purple.
I can't get mad at him, he was just trying to help, and honestly I might have been the one to do it, as I am not sure if it required dry cleaning.

Anyhow here are some photos of the dress before the incident. It was lovely.

I am sure once the shock wears off I will realize the dress is still lovely just a little different.


AlphaBetsy said…
That dress does look lovely and you wear it well. You might try using something to take care of the bleeding, I don't know what's safe for silk, but something like oxy clean. Just a thought. Anyway I'm sure your dress is still beautiful, just different.

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