Redesigning My Life.

I am going through a tiny bit of a quarter life crisis lately.

Things have been so crazy and hectic for so long and now it is all slowing. to. a. stop.
I am stable and happy and now I keep focusing on those selfish things I always put on the back burner.
My art has been calling me. I have been going through my old portfolio, and rereading my poetry and I am longing to start creating again.
So I had a little idea. I have this one poem I wrote a few years back and it always reminds me how strong I am. I keep rereading it and today I decided I am going to illustrate it.

I am visualizing it as a sort of story/picture book when I finish. I just can't read the words without visualizing it so I am taking those images and putting them on paper.

Updates to follow...


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