Today I Made...

A huge mess!

I love Christmas, I always have, I always will. This year, however, I am actually looking forward more to the new year, more accurately the end of the holidays.

Things have been insane around here.
As soon as we decided to move Alice into an assisted living facility, we ended up in the ER with her and she spent 4 days in the hospital. We ended up having to push her move in date up and I have been rushing around like an insane person trying to make it all happen.
This means it is a week before Christmas and I am still making/buying gifts.
Every inch of my home is a disaster. I am just happy we are not having family here this year and I can just pretend I cant see it for a little while.

I made a prototype of one of the items I plan to sell in the shop and used it as a white elephant gift. It was well received and I am super excited.


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