A Little Peak At Me

So this is my first ever YouTube video. It is a response to one of those silly 25 questions vids. I thought I might as well post it here. I always love seeing videos of my favorite bloggers, it gives me an idea of how they sound and act and makes reading the blog even more fun.

I also have some updates to make.
Two BIG things are happening in my life right now that have made me a irresponsible blogger.

1. My grandmother-in-law, whom I care for full time, has been declining in health lately and so I am in the process of placing her in an Alzheimer's care facility. I found a home I really like and she is going for her evaluation tomorrow.
If all goes well she may be moved even before Christmas, or at the latest right after the new year.

This has been a huge strain on me physically and emotionally. She has falled alot lately and I spend so much time worrying she will hurt herself I can barely focus on anything else. It even keeps me up at night because I am terrified she has fallen on the way to the toilet and I am gonna find her in the morning on the hard bathroom floor. While moving her to a home means a loss of my income [her son, my father in law, pays me to care for her and have her live in our house] I am really looking forward to starting a new phase in my life.

James and I have NEVER lived without another person and I am looking forward to have a more traditional newlywed time than we have been able to have with her in our home.
For anyone that has never taken care of a loved one with Alzheimer's, it is alot like caring for a very large, very confused and often very angry toddler.

This brings me to...

2. I am starting my own business. I have been wanting to really get down to starting a custom furniture and housewares business for a while now. I went to school for Interior Design by my passions are split evenly among design, art and style. This feels like an outlet that can express all of those.
Another reason I would like to work for myself is that I really would like to be home with my children once we decide to start having them. I would hate to work just to be able to afford daycare. I have huge respect for outside of the home working mothers, my own mother was/is one, but my personal hope is to be home with my kids while they are growing up.

Preparing and business planning has been taking up a lot of what little time I have left and I have settled on this: I am going to begin stocking my Etsy shop with interesting and unique home goods. As that end of the business begins building I am hoping I will be able to shop my items out to local businesses and designers and move on to larger scale custom painting, refinishing and reupholstering work. I have done all of this work in the past and I know that with enough time spent on making connections, I could earn enough to supplement my husbands income and meet our family needs.

So look forward to, not only a slight revamp of the site design and branding, but upcoming giveaways and discounts once my shop is up and running.

All of this has been terrifying and exciting and I am looking forward to changing my life for the better.


Taylor said…
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Taylor said…
I like the video, good job! And I love your blog by the way (:
Taylor said…
Thanks for following and commenting on my blog, I would love it if you commented on my other blog postings. I need all the comments I can get!


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