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Fabric labels!

I love when I discover new and awesome ways of doing things. Man do I have an awesome project for you guys!

Did you know you can print on fabric with your inkjet? No expensive specialty sheets or stiffening solutions needed.

All you do need is: Fabric [basic natural fibers work the best], freezer paper, iron, and scissors or rotary cutter. A cutting mat and guide make it easier as well.

First step is cutting a large piece of fabric and freezer paper to the same size

Layer freezer paper over fabric plastic side down and iron in place on appropriate fabric setting.

The fabric/paper piece should look like this.

Cute the fabric into smaller pieces the size of standard letter paper [8.5"x11"]

To be safe before printing, I press each piece one last time paper side up.

Load paper into printer appropriately [this is usually paper side up] and print regularly.

The last step is of course, Peel!!

It is kind of amazing how finite the detail comes out on basic cotton muslin.

PS. If you want to make sure the ink stays, submerge the fabric in white vinegar and then rinse thoroughly and dry. After that, just treat the item like you would anything printed from an inkjet [avoid prolonged direct sunlight, excessive washing and strong chemical cleansers]


Alyssa said…
This is awesome! Have you tried washing the labels at all? How well do they hold up against normal wear and tear?
Anonymous said…
Wow I usually just go to Joann's to purchase the fabric paper. I will have to try this once I use the stash I have of fabric backed paper.
Silvana Kathryn said…
I did not wash the labels.
If you want to set the ink so it is washable, simply submerge the fabric in a bath of white vinegar and then rinse thoroughly and dry.

I don't know about the longevity of the ink but I would say treat it how you would treat anything printed on with an inkjet [avoid over washing prolonged direct sunlight and harsh chemical cleaners]
Lisa said…
I'm shocked that this worked! Your labels are so cute and it looks so easy to do!
Lisa said…
Oh, and forgot to say that those almond butter cookies sound good too! I'll have to try that!
Mandy said…
So glad you posted this. Just yesterday I was searching the internet for cute, customizable tags and not finding much of anything for cheap. :D

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