Dois Ovos e Batatas Fritas e Uma Água com Gás, Por Favor?

I am half Azorean, its the dominate half. The half that comes out in my nose shape, skin color, hair texture, voice volume, and general sense of humor.

I used to spend every Thanksgiving [and 4th Of July, Labor Day and BOTH my dads birthdays each year] surrounded by a couple dozen aunts, uncles and cousins that spoke another language and ate alot of pork.

Despite that I never seemed to pick up Portuguese in a practical way. Dad was not around alot when I was a kid. He was also unfortunately perfectly bilingual and spoke barely accented English around the house. The only thing I did learn to say rather flawlessly was this:

"Dois ovos e batatas fritas e uma água com gás, por favor?"

Its what I would order for supper when I visited the Azores as a child.
Another funny thing about me is, despite my pork loving genetics, I was a vegetarian until I was 13 and still eat only fish and a little chicken.

That sentence up there is my go to meal in the land of meat with a side of meat: two eggs and fries and one sparkling water, please?

Lately though I have been thinking I REALLY want to learn to speak more. I can sort-of-kind-of read it, and sort-of-a-little-less-kind-of understand a person.

So, has anyone used one of those language programs? like Rosetta Stone?

Does anyone have a suggestion? Besides watching alot of Portuguese Sesame Street.


Ashley R. said…
Jerry has the Portuguese rosetta stone! Its the Brazilian dialect but would do the trick. I'm sure he'd burn you a copy. :)

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