Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have I Mentioned I Love Free Stuff: Revisited

So last April I wrote about my free umbrella from

Well today I have another awesome freebie deal. The website gives each new member a $15 credit when they sign up. This usually is not so impressive because most of their products and in the $100+ range. But this week they have a whole slew of items well under $100.
One item in particular are these super cute mittens, which come in white, pink, or gray.

They are in the holiday showcase and cost only $13.
Also for only today and tomorrow you can get free shipping on your order with the coupon code "black friday".

So it is kind of like this...

$15 - $13 + $0 = Super cuteness!

You can thank me later when you are wearing super cute yet functional mittens while you text all your friends to let them know how awesome you are.

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Taylor said...

These mittens are so cute (: